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With the new international telecommunication network that TeleYemen recently developed, and its international partnerships with Telecoms operators in Europe and Asia, TeleYemen can now offer International Capacity Solutions that provides high connectivity for either traditional telecoms solutions or internet to almost anywhere in the world.

International capacity which is available in different speeds from 2mbps to 10gbps can be over submarine cable systems as well as terrestrial or satellite facilities.

Capacities can be either provided through IRU or Leased:

  • IRU Capacity

    An IRU (Indefeasible Rights of Use) service agreement means a portion of a submarine cable for the remaining period of its life which normally around 20 years. IRU is suitable for big telecoms operators with long term bandwidth requirements and who are willing to invest some money to take advantage of volume discounts.

  • Leased Capacity

    Leased capacity is suitable for different purpose, normally provided for firms willing to have a short committed solutions.
    TeleYemen provides international leased capacities primarily over submarine cable systems as well as terrestrial and satellite facilities.

  • Emergency/Restoration Services

    TeleYemen can at any time provide a guaranteed international circuits continuity that may be required during submarine cable systems failures or planned outages. Such service can assure the beneficiaries an immediate alternative international route to avoid their services interruptions.

  • Interconnection services:

    With the variety of international capacities available over submarine and terrestrial cable and satellite, TeleYemen can offer cross-connections services with a very competitive prices.