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 Statement by the CEO

Telecommunication and information technology have been developing so fast that no other field can be faster than it in terms of development. This makes our task so hard, requiring us to face the challenges of such rapid and continuous changes in the field. Since it has been established as a subsidiary of the well-known British company; Cable and Wireless and being later a national company, TeleYemen has played a vital role in changing the history of telecommunication in Yemen. It has been always a forerunner in the acquision of the latest telecommunication technologies in the region. In that, in early 1980s, it launched the latest digital satellite earth stations and the stored programmed telephone exchanges. And, in early 1990s, it launched TeleYemen Cellular Mobile telephone and internet services. All that was a scope in the Arab region.

Being today the sole International Telecommunications gateway, TeleYemen is committed to supplying all national telecoms companies and corporate business customers with the various types of international telecommunications services using the latest available technologies. We are working hard to expand our international telecoms network using the latest advanced technologies so as to ensure a secure linking of homeland with a large telecoms capacities commensurate with increasingly-growing need for fast data transfer and Internet usage. We have to ensure that such capacities will be enough to supply the country's needs for the next ten years. In addition to our existing submarine and terrestrial cables and satellite communications, TeleYemen is currently investing tens of millions of dollars to expand its international network to have a direct link to eastern and western countries through the participation with more than twenty international companies working in alliances to extend fiber cables across the oceans and seas. Our aim is to meet the needs of our customers and contribute to the development of the country and ensure a better future for the new generation.

We hope that our customers are always satisfied with our services. We wish you and our homeland a safe and prosperous future.

Dr. Ali Nagi Nosary
Chief Executive Officer , TeleYemen