About us

TeleYemen has been the sole licensed provider of the international telecommunication services in Yemen since 1972. It was established as a subsidiary company of the British company "Cable & Wireless plc" C&W, until 1990 when the Yemen Public Telecom Corporation (PTC) became a partner with C&W with a 49% of the total shares and then the company's name changed to TeleYemen.

In 2004 TeleYemen became 100% fully state-owned entity with 75% of shares owned by PTC and 25% owned by the Yemeni Post & Post Saving Corporation.

Since the launching of the GSM Cellular Mobile services in 2001, TeleYemen core business has become more wholesale rather than retail. Accordingly, TeleYemen is committed to continuously developing its International Telecoms Gateway to cope with the continuous growing demands of the international voice and data services provided to National Mobile Operator's customers and its own Corporate Customers.