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TeleYemen History

TeleYemen has been the sole licensed provider for the international telecommunication services since 1972 (Yemen International Gateway). It was established as a subsidiary of the British Cable & Wireless Company (C & W) until 1989. The Public Telecom Corporation (PTC) became a partner with 49% of the total shares and the name of the company has been changed into TeleYemen accordingly. In 2004 TeleYemen became 100% fully state-owned entity: 75% owned by Public Telecommunication Corporation and 25% owned by Yemen Post and Postal Savings Corporation.
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Our Mission

TeleYemen mission is to enable and empower its members, customers and community with robust connectivity to the world, through high-quality, advanced and affordable communications solutions. TeleYemen as a progressive, customer spirited and consumer responsive to serve as an impetus to the social, political and economic development of the country.

Our Vision:

To become a distinguished successful player in the Telecoms/ICT sector providing high end services, quality products and solutions to the top Telco’s, targeted business, and consumers.
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Our objectives:

To provide quality telecommunication services that meet the needs of the Yemeni community.

To build a reputation of excellence to ensure the continued success in a challenging world of telecommunications.

To achieve reasonable return which enable TeleYemen continue infrastructure enhancement with the latest technology for the benefit of its customers and the country’s development.

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Our Services

In addition to the International Voice Service which is considered the core business and main source of revenue, TeleYemen provides other international telecommunication services such as the leased capacity, satellite services and others illustrated in the below service profile flowchart which consists of the following :

International Capacity solutions
International Voice Service ( Outbound and Inbound minutes).
-Leased Capacity.
-Satellite Services.
-Web and Mail Services.
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International Direct Dialing (IDD) Service.

IDD is a service which allows you to directly access any telephone in the world using the internationally recognized access code (00) and the country code. TeleYemen is the sole provider of IDD to both Landline and Mobile operators in Yemen.

-Detailed monthly bill.
-Calls charges are payable within 30 days.
-Calls are charged to the nearest second.
-Secured better voice quality services.
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International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC) Service

Many business/corporate customers need secured and uninterrupted international private telecommunication links. TeleYemen provides international private leased circuits to meet this demand. With IPLC service, customers can transfer data through high capacity digital circuits starting from 64 kbps upward.

-Private secured connection.
-Various speeds (as per customers request).
-Predetermined costs for unlimited usage.
-Pure digital link.
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VSAT Service

VSAT data communication service is based on a highly advanced Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) transmission system that supports a wide variety of interactive data traffic types between any two remote places through a hub station. Telecommunication configuration between different remote terminals can be on a STAR, Mesh or point to point. It also supports a low-rate digital voice communication between remote telephone sets or Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX).

Provides direct telecommunication through satellite links (Data, Voice and Fax) from remote areas where conventional telecommunications are not available to anywhere.

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BGAN Service.

Broadband Global Access Network (BGAN) offers a direct and continuous telecommunication through satellite. You can use the BGAN terminal to make voice calls or access the internet at a maximum rate of 492 kbps simultaneously. Video streaming or video conferencing calls are also possible. BGAN service is an ideal solution for remote operations where conventional telephone or data networks are not available. This solution is vital for remote area operations such as oil concessions, marine operations and development activities in remote areas.
-Voice/Fax calls and Internet access at the same time.
-Various speeds.
-Supports different telecommunication ports, Dialup, ADSL, ISDN.
-Direct link via satellite from remote locations to anywhere.

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Thuraya Service.

Thuraya offers a direct and continuous telecommunication through satellite. Customer can use the Thuraya terminal to make voice calls, send/transmit fax or access the internet. Thuraya service can be a good substitution for traditional telecommunications in the rural areas. It can be a good solution as essential telecommunication tool or as a backup for remote area operations such as oil concessions, marine operations and development activities.

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Internet Dedicated Line Access (IDLA) Service.

TeleYemen offers its customers optimum business connection to the Internet through the use of Internet Dedicated Line Access service (IDLA) with connection speeds ranging from 64kbps and above. The dedicated line is a simple way to have a stable and continuous connection between all of your LAN users and the Internet. Simply, with TeleYemen IDLA service, your LAN can be a part of the Internet.
-Monthly flat rate for unlimited usage.
-Uninterrupted and continuous connection to the Internet.
-More secured Internet link that a customer can rely on.
-Guaranteed access speed (between a customer and the international gateway).
-Unlimited number of company employees or users that can access the Internet at the same time.
-All of customer's LAN users’ e-mails are received and stored in his/her e-mail

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Web Hosting Service.

This service allows your company to have a special Internet domain name with web space that can be used to publish your own business or personal information and be accessed by a world-wide audience. Hosting is provided in our servers with the necessary storage space.Web pages with graphics, photographs and HTML text can be uploaded to our webhosting servers which are a part of the net. With your unique URL address and the space we provide you, your company's web-page will be up and running for a world-wide audience to see.
-Promotes your communication with others.
-Helps you increase the number of your audience and clients worldwide.
-Helps you to disseminate your views or information worldwide.
-Can be used to increase your business and income.

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Pop Domains Service.

This service is provided with a fixed IP Address and support customers who need to have their own company’s e-mail service. Customers will need to assign a machine (server) on their Local Area Network "LAN" to exchange network email with y.net. Customers e-mail server needs to be configured to connect, send and receive e-mails to/from Y.net e-mail server in a regular time basis. Customers will be given a virtual POP domain mail with unlimited e-mail aliases which allow them to have more than one address per mailbox. For example, your main e-mail address could be sales@yourname.com.ye while you can have another e-mail address say: marketing@yourname.com.ye. E-mails sent to either alias would be delivered to the same mailbox. This service can provide interested customers with unlimited number of e-mail addresses.

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YahClick Service

YahClick is a high performance satellite broadband service for Home and Business users in Yemen. With YahClick, subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted high-speed Internet anywhere in the coverage area. YahClick will deliver a truly cost-effective broadband service, through a modem and easily installed small satellite dish, and supported with in-country technical, operational.

-Operational and customer care.
-High performance satellite network.
-Cost-effective total broadband solution.
-Reliability and availability.
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